Exercise in thought, could America save itself?

How to save the States and the People from an all powerful Federal Government.


Where to start is a daunting thought, should I start with the Central Power of the Executive Branch or the Judicial Legislators behind the benches in our courtrooms? I could start with the House of Representatives or even the Senate. But for now we are going to start where the real power should lay, with the people and how we can regain the power over our government.


Most county or parish governments are actually closer to the people than any other type of government we currently have. Each person who actually votes (only 60% of people are registered to vote and only 54% of those actually vote) gets to decide who the leaders of their community will be. Even at the state level its one man, one vote and this decides who is in the state house and state senate. This system also works to elect a governor, so why can we not decide who gets to be President. If you were to ask any American what type of Government we live under they will proudly tell you, “A Democracy.” They couldn’t be more wrong, we actually live under a Constitutional Republic. This may sound like it’s the same thing, but semantics aside there is a huge difference between the two types of Government.


Most people believe that the succession of 1860 was the first Constitutional Crises and they are completely wrong. In 1787 several states succeeded from the union as they would not or could not ratify the Articles of the Confederation (which was the first attempt to form a government). This failed miserably as the economy went to hell. That is when they decided to have a Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia (also in 1787). The convention almost failed until Benjamin Franklin suggested that they take a recess and during the recess they were to converse with the representative they disagreed with the most. This saved the new Constitution and led to the Great Compromise which gave the larger states equal representation according to population in the House of Representatives and gave the smaller states power by limiting the Senate to two members from each state.


If you were to ask the average American what year the Constitution went into effect, they will likely say, “1776” instead of the real date of 1789.The Constitutional Convention also led to the Bill of Rights (which is the first ten amendments to the Constitution). 1789 also brought with it the first Presidential Election. This election was as close to control of government that the people would ever get. Under the Articles of the Confederation there was no central figure who guided the government. The government was controlled by the Confederation Congress who had a leader but his position was mostly ceremonial. The Confederation had no way to raise funds other than request them from the states who basically ignored the requests. They had no way to enforce treaties, they had all the responsibility without authority.


After the Constitution was Ratified the Central Government gained the power which had been denied it by the states in the original Confederation. When George Washington ran unopposed he received all of the electoral votes. Each elector had two votes, one for the President and one for the Vice-President.. Those secondary votes ended up being split between eleven different candidates. This system would eventually evolve into the system we have today. On a side note, the greatest thing that George Washington did in his entire career was to leave the Presidency once his second term was completed. Back to the Electoral College.


The Electoral College actually controls the votes for President. Each member traditionally votes for the candidate which received the most votes in the general election in his state, however any member can vote however he wants. In theory a candidate could win the popular vote in every state and still lose the election. Some states have passed laws along with fines to prevent an elector from changing the will of the people. However these fines wouldn’t hold up to a Constitutional Challenge. Three times a President has lost the popular vote and still won the election. When our forefathers set up this system, they did it because there was little communication between states and communities. It also took a long time to count votes and communicate the results back to the President of the Senate (the Vice President) who opens the ballets and counts them in view of the Congress. (This typically happens on January the Sixth, however in 2008 it was done on the Eighth of January)


Today there are 538 citizens (who are rarely known to the public) who actually decide who will be President. If I were to run for President I would merely bribe the electors and save my campaign funds for other uses. I am sure that this has happened at some point in America’s History.

What I am getting at is that the election for President should be decided by the people and not the Electoral College.The College really is a way to keep the power of the Government in the hands of the rich. Our entire system is designed to keep power out of the hands of the people. This leads me to the States where the power of the people should reside.


Originally the State Legislators choose their Senators to send to Washington.On April the Eighth of the year 1913 the Seventeenth Amendment went into effect. The Seventeenth Amendment took the power of the Senate away from the States and put it into the hands of the popular vote. This effectively took the power of the State and gave it to special interests. No one gets elected to the Senate unless he has a huge war chest of cash. The only way to raise that kind of cash is to cuddle up to special interests. This is another change we need to make, repeal the Seventeenth Amendment and give the Senate’s Power back to the State Legislators. Imagine how that money could be used for more important things rather than rotting road signs and bull dog commercials.


Now on to the true POISON that leaches into our government, special interests represented by lobbyists. We should not only outlaw lobbyists, we should hang anyone who approaches a representative for any corporation or special interest group. In Washington D.C there are about 12,500 lobbyists, with a total of 535 representatives in both houses, means there are 23 lobbyists for each representative. Another source of rot in D.C are the 25,000 people hired as support staff for those 535 men and women. So, to recap, we need to make lobbyists an extinct species and clean K street of its filth. We also need to limit the budget of our reps along with the amount of staff that they can hire. We need a Lee Iacocca to oversee these guys, if the Congress was a corporation, it would have went broke in 1860 to never recover.


Now for the House of Representatives, we have touched on a few things we need to change in the House. However, the house was diluted by the Reappointment Act of 1929 which fixed the amount of seats in the House to 435. The effect of this Act has increased the amount of people that each Representative represents. In 1790 (due to the ONE argument insisted on by George Washington during the Constitutional Convention) each member only represented 30,000 people. Since the Reappointment Act the representation of the people has been diluted to the point that each member represents 750,000 on average. No house member can possibly be accountable to his constituents. Once again this puts the power of the house in the hands of the rich and the lobbyists on K street.


So, lets reduce the amount of people per representative to 500,000 people to each seat. Then we need to institute a law in which the Federal Government would fund every election with each television station and radio station obliged to give equal amounts of free time to each contestant in order to keep their FCC license. Time of day of the ads to be equal according to the seat and amount of time dependant on the importance of the seat. Candidates would be chosen from voter registration at random without any party affiliations, much like the way jurors are chosen. We should also ban the super-rich from all offices. (This system would represent the true demographics of Americans) This system would be used to choose all candidates for every office. Super-rich people would be exempted by the IRS, which wouldn’t be the same IRS that we are all familiar with, once we are done with it!


Voting…This is the true key to returning the power of Government back to the people. Let’s say that I don’t trust the modern voting machine. We will revise these machines to give two receipts reflecting your vote. One receipt would be placed in a ballot box while the other could be sent to the (NEW) IRS for a significant deduction of your taxes. I guarantee you that if we gave Americans an immediate incentive to vote, they would. The true strength of the vote would be one man, one vote.To keep Americans informed about the issues and who they are voting for, they would be required to take a simple test and pass it in order to vote. I once asked a man at work (who will remain nameless) who he was going to vote for, for our Senator for Congress, he told me that as soon as he (the Senator) got in he would try to pass a state income tax. He didn’t have a clue about the candidates. I would rather he had not voted.


Not long ago I was watching a Sunday morning show about politics, I am not sure which show or what Senator was on there. Anyway, this Senator said, “Allowing one man one vote on the issues is equivalent to mob rule!” This was one of the truest examples of contempt for the American people as I have ever seen. Oh, so we Americans who have been voting for almost 250 years are not capable of making informed decisions. While not as many people follow politics as well as I wish they did, they tend to vote the way that their friends and neighbors vote. At least they don’t vote because “XYZ Corporation” is going to donate a hundred thousand dollars to their campaign fund! Oddly enough those neighbors and friends who influence them are watching the issues. That is why local governments are usually well run.


Bribes, lets make this really simple, if you are caught accepting a bribe or a favor from a corporation or even a single person or entity, you will be SHOT in front of a live television audience. No repeals, no excuses, nothing other than the true punishment for treason. That is the only thing you can call what all our representatives are doing today. Isn’t that a bit harsh? NO, NO, NO…. The only way the people can have the government that you thought we had is to be ruthless in protecting OUR freedoms.


We have now gotten to our courts. When corporations took over the penal system, their main incentive was to make money. What better way to increase profit than to have a revolving door policy. It is better for the corporations for you to not be reformed. Why else would it be so easy for prisoners to maintain their addictions inside. Often prisoners come out of jail a better criminal than before, in fact one Harvard professor declared prison a doctoral program for crime. Prison has become a recruiting center for the gangs that plague our country. Here is how we deal with this situation and save billions of dollars in the process. I could care less if CCA’s stock is worth nothing. Change the drug laws, legalize it all and tax the crap out of it. Our jails are filled to the brim with non-violent drug offenders who could contribute to our economy instead of draining it. Use the taxes from the drugs to fund rehabilitation, education and job placement and training services for those who need it. These people represent 29% of the prison population. At 21,000 dollars per inmate the cost to house and feed these “criminals” in 2008 (the only year I could find statistics for) comes to an astounding 9.5 BILLION dollars. Oh, and one other thing about prisons, turn them over to the mental health professionals. Most prisoners are in prison due to mental instability or addiction. Why then are the prisons run like kennels instead of the rehabilitation centers that they should be?


According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics in 2008 there were 7.3 million people on probation or in jail or prison or on parole. This is equal to 3.2% of all adults in the U.S. or 1 in 31 people. You have to know that the people in America are not that bad. I am not saying that we need to do away with the prison system because there are some really bad people out there. However we could address this issue by hanging murders, rapists, pedophiles and anyone else deemed a real danger to our society. PERIOD…Yes I think life is precious, but I think those who prey on us should pay the ultimate price.


NOTE: I know I said that I consider life as precious, do NOT read anything into that as I refuse to take sides on issues which are out of the bounds of this essay. I also refuse to address religion in this essay other than to say that our country WAS NOT FOUNDED ON RELIGION. If you take issue with that statement, read the Treaty of Tripoli, Article Eleven. I could explain further, but I digress, this isn’t the time for fueling controversy. I am trying to establish an outline for change that all Americans can support regardless of political affiliation.


Another way we can control the judiciary is to have local attorneys to put up two local attorneys to fill judges seats with the public voting to put them on the bench. They would be re-elected every four years if the local attorneys agree by a majority to allow them to run again. In the interest of justice the attorneys would also nominate another qualified contender to run against him or her. All judges would be required to debate their opposing candidate for at least one hour and then both candidates would each have to withstand an hour of questions from the audience and then a half hour each of questions from their opponent. So that all debates would have a minimum time limit of four hours, our current debates of one hour or less just doesn’t allow the people to form an intelligent opinion of the candidate. This would be standard for each and every candidate running for any office from the President down to Mayor. No candidate would ever run opposed as the juror system of selection would always produce a viable candidate.


One of the greatest weaknesses of our political system is the disruption of the business of government by elections every two years for federal offices. Let’s change that, for the House of Representatives we will give them four years in office with a eight year limit of service. We will stagger these elections so that we still have an election somewhere every two years. For the Senate we will allow them to stay in power for the same six years they have now, with the scary stipulation that they are limited to ONE term. For the President we will allow him a term of six years with a single term allowed. This frees the President from having to bow to special interests. We could even consider a single term of eight years.


Now here is the stickler, any bill or law that comes before the House or Senate would have to be put before the public for a vote. Each Representative in the House would be bound to vote with his constituents. Each Senator would be required to vote however his state legislature directed him to. Each member of the Congress could vote contrary to the wishes of the people of his state, however, he could be Impeached or Recalled depending on if he can justify why he voted against the will of the people. Another stipulation of office is that it cannot be refused, if your chosen by the system to run for a office, you will be required to run unless your health or other proven circumstance prohibits you from fulfilling your duty. Another requirement of all legislation would be that it is presented to the Congress along with a thorough summary along with all possible repercussions of the legislation. I can already hear the argument against this, the people would be doing nothing but voting. My counter-argument, we spend enough time each day at leisure to cast a thousand votes.


Back to the judiciary, I got sidelined by terms etc. The main purpose of these changes is to put the power back in the hands of the people and the state. So with that in mind let’s get to states rights. Suppose for instance that one state legalizes gay marriage while another state prohibits it. Well the first state may not impose its laws on another state, the second state doesn’t have to recognize the first states laws. The only way that it could effect the second state for instance, let’s say that an insurance company located in state number two and they sold a policy in the first state. The insurance company could not hide behind the laws of it’s home state because if a company is going to do business in a state it should be required to follow the laws of the state it is doing business in. However if a couple married in the first state and moved to the second state, the second state would not have to recognize their marriage.


This is only fair to the people of each state. Take California’s marijuana laws for example, if you cross the line into Nevada with a legal prescription from your home state, Nevada isn’t bound to honor California law. This also goes back to Federal law, how can one group of people set rules for all of the people. The Federal Government should be pushed back to it’s Constitutional Limits. The feds recently sued Arizona for passing a law which was an exact copy of the federal law. The feds are NOT enforcing its own mandate as directed explicitly by the Constitution. It is time we built an impassable wall between Mexico and the U.S. I can hear it already, the comparison between it and the Berlin Wall, the point here is that there is a difference, the Berlin Wall was made to keep their people IN, not OUT. Second point on that note, we give every illegal a date at which time if they are not OUTSIDE of our borders the will be incarcerated as laborers for no less than fifty years. If they have “anchor” children, then take them back to wherever you are from. Regardless. There will also be a five thousand dollar bounty on every illegal. I could go on, but I digress.


This tirade, if you want to call it that has nothing to do with racism, or radicalism. It is about rebuilding our economy. The illegals in the U.S. have pushed wages down by a minimum of 25% over the last ten years. This is fact. I don’t care if you’rehere illegally from Canada, Mexico or Russia. Think we don’t have illegals from Russia? Then you have no idea what is going on in Alaska. Illegal Canadian? The Pacific Northwest…I digress. If you want the fruits of our country, then you may have them after fifty years of hard labor. Or you could just come here LEGALLY. What an option.


A few minutes ago we were discussing the Media. How do we deal with the conglomeration of the Media? We break it up, return to the days when no one could own more than a couple of television stations and a couple of radio stations. It is time that the Federal Regulatory Agencies started actually regulating the industries they were founded to regulate. No more BP, Fanny May, Federal Reserve debacles. The F.C.C. has been pandering to the Networks and special interests for too long. Newspapers should be preserved as well, first by requiring readership by Seniors in High Schools along with small subsidies. Few people realize that newspapers are the backbone of freedom. You cannot expose a local business or politician when their story must compete in a large pool where there are so many events that “little” stories just won’t be exposed. Lack of knowledge allows corruption to spread.


Oh, if you have read my book. And I seriously doubt that you have, then you know that ultimately I would like to see all of the “Nation States” of the world disbanded and replaced with a one world government. This essay is merely an exercise in thought. If you think that this would change our world for the better, then you are on the right path. If you’re opposed to this action, then I would love to know why. How can you justify opposition to this exercise in “freedom”? I have a question for all of you out there, what is FREEDOM? Please tell me, I really want to know what people “think” freedom is……One more thing, this is a DARE, I dare you to do nothing about our world! Its circling the drain. We have five years or less to turn the world around before the food chain fails, what will you eat then? I want you to think about one little thing, EVERYTHING YOU EAT HAS BEEN ALIVE AT ONE POINT. We do eat non-living chemicals that have been added to your food, but that food was alive at one point. You cannot eat rocks, maybe your neighbor will be kind enough to crawl into your pot……idiots!



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What a waste….watched “Thrive” the movie, plus more stuff

Spent the evening, as always, trying to bring more awareness to our dying planet. , I looked over the “zero to hero” thing and explored a few blogs where I found a link to a movie, “Thrive” which is supposed to have the answers to the all of our problems.  I wasted two some odd hours watching it. Not saying that it doesn’t have some value, just that I didn’t see it. It starts out explaining a shape and how that shape has been engraved or left all over the world by ancient civilizations who knew about “free energy and cosmic perspective.” It goes on to show how modern crop circles are manifestations of the same “shape.” Then it continued to explain how everything you ever thought or knew was/is related to this shape. Ok, so it’s a little flaky I thought! I decide to give it a chance anyway….so I kept watching.

It then went on to explain “free energy” and I got to say, I didn’t get how his “shape” was related to what other people had actually made. Not to say that he hasn’t found some good ideas from physicists around the world, because he has. I can’t say how beneficial any of those systems were because there is nothing technical in the film, but I am sure that there was something of value in it. The weird part was how his “shape” ruled the laws of free energy. Seemed to me that iron filings on a sheet of paper over a magnet has been noticed before. Then the movie went on to express how “aliens” were visiting earth and how they taught our forefathers all of this, and that is where it lost me, because I don’t really know what that had to do with changing/saving the planet. Other than trying to impress on the audience how the government can suppress anything it likes and can get away with it. Now, I am not saying that aliens haven’t visited Earth, I just don’t think that there is any credible evidence. If they are visiting Earth, then I don’t know how anyone could cover that up. An alien species capable of visiting us, would by definition be more advanced, and if they are more advanced, then no government on this planet could possibly suppress them. Alright, I am off topic, but so was the movie.

The movie then went on to tell it’s audience everything that is wrong with the planet, specifically in the United States. It went into how the Federal Reserve is private and how all money is debt. How corporations and banks are our real rulers. How our money could be used better if it wasn’t taxed and re-taxed etc etc…. Which I talk about in my book as well except I offer realistic answers. Anyway, this movie just went on and on without offering any useful answers until the end. And even then, they were not useful answers. Oh, they had a few things right. Like honoring the human rights of all people. How we incarcerate too many of our citizens (I think that was in there….watch a lot of crap trying to find useful information)

So, the end game of this movie was basically non-violent disobedience. Put your money in local banks….really, that will help. Hell, I wish I had known that years ago. Anyway, every solution in the movie was based on working within the system we already have. It’s unrealistic, not to mention the whole movie came off as new age. It might attract a few hippie followers, but really, no one will take it serious, at least know one with any intelligence. I hate to pick on the guy, he worked so hard on the whole thing and God only knows how much money he spent to produce it. He has a whole movement based around it, much like I am trying to do. And get this, he probably thinks that my answers are b.s. as well. Except he has probably never heard of me….so I guess he has a leg up there… with that said, realistically you cannot break the Fed or the multinationals working within the system they spent centuries building. We have to start fresh….on every level.

How do we do that! For that, you will have to read my book, but I will give you some of the basics. First we redefine capital. Capital can only be produced by the application of human effort multiplied by thought and resources. That’s it. Capital cannot be pulled out of a magical hat by an unseen hand. (Read economic theory to understand that last sentence) Our current system is based on just that, slight of an unseen hand. Second, we no longer recognize “magical” capital, that’s what “currency” is. Third, we develop a true money that has value based on resources and human capitol. Fourth, we use our new gained capitol to take away everything that has been stolen from the people of the planet. Which means that if you have leveraged invisible capitol to create more capitol in order to enrich yourself, we take it all away. Oh, I forgot to mention that we combine ourselves into ONE, one world, one people, one government. I know that scares the hell out of you, but you have been programmed from birth to fear it. Why do you think that is? So that you can be controlled by a few people.

We have to break the cycle of control. How are we controlled? Well, first you have been programmed to “want” not to need. We have to go back to a needs based world. Why? Want is the underlying systemic problem that is destroying our planet. That doesn’t mean that you cannot have a big screen, it just means that when you get one it will be built to last for thirty years instead of four. Remember how we used to make fun of the Soviets because the over designed everything they built. That was because they were building for true economy. The system of money movement that we have in the U.S. which is called an economy is a ****ing joke. There is nothing economic about it. It is a system that relies on planned obsolescence. My grandmother had a washer/dryer that lasted twenty years, in the last twenty years I have had to replace mine five times. I don’t have the energy right now to explain any more of this…I digress.

How do we do that, continued. We outnumber our “rulers” by seven billion to five hundred, more or less. We just refuse to live in their world and insist that they live in ours. Sounds harder than it really is. If the “March on Wall Street” had had a clue about what they should have wanted, then the whole world would have joined them. When asked what they wanted, they went………uh….uh….uh. Great leadership there junior, get a haircut and someone might act like they take you seriously. Anyway, I have ranted and raved enough tonight, cannot help it. I talked to this jackass of a producer/director named Ken Klein earlier about turning my book into a movie, he really pissed me off.

Goodnight, if you did nothing today to help save us…..sleep well….LRGII

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Truth or Dare? Today’s assignment was a bi tc h….so I am on to the prompt

First let me say….screw a bunch of widgets or whatever you call them, I messed with them for almost two hours before I decided that they JUST WERE NOT WORTH MY TIME!!! Why? Well, I have set one hell of a goal for myself. To save the environment and everything that lives in it. Impossible? Probably. Which is a hell of a lot more important than having a “pretty” page….I really don’t think anyone cares, about the page or the world. Oh, they say that they care, but when push comes to shove, they sit down and watch television. Don’t they? Hey, your included in that group….So, let’s get on with today’s prompt since I said to hell with widgets.

Truth or dare is it? Here’s the truth. The political systems of the world have combined to form one large world government. O.k. there are squabbles between nations, but if you think that the world is divided, then you don’t know how the world works. Governments no longer control the world, multinational corporations do. In the case of China, (which owns 50% of every “company” that does business there) they have just a little more control than other countries. Whoa, wait a minute! What do you mean that China owns half of every company that does business there? Well, it’s true! Take Apple for example, they “sub-contract” to Foxcon or whatever their name is. Foxcon is half owned by someone,(probably Apple executives, don’t know that for sure….just guessing) the other half is owned by the Chinese government. If General Electric wants to build refrigerators in China, they have to set up a third party company with a name like, “GEChinafridge Company LLC”  Once that company is set up to build fridges, China’s government gets fifty percent of that company. So, every time you buy some cheap piece of “whatever” that’s made in China, the Chinese Communist Party makes a profit….Hurrah for Wally World! The “new” China is built on your toaster oven…aren’t you proud? My point is that for every corporation there is a board. Now that board may consist of a dozen or more people, but each person on that board belongs to several other boards. If you diagram these “boards” on to a flowchart, you soon find that all multinationals are owned by a small group of people. They truly control the world…..For those of you who would call me a “conspiracy theorist” I say one thing….READ SOMETHING AND QUIT LISTENING TO YOUR GOVERNMENT AND MASS MEDIA

Let’s continue with this “Truth” thing…. Multinational global giants are the backbone of the world’s economy. The worlds economies support the world’s governments. Oh, think that there isn’t a one world currency? That’s where you would be wrong again, there is a “basket” of currencies made up of dollars, pounds, yen, rubles, yaun and the euro. It may or may not have other currencies in the “basket” but it is the “currency” that the worlds banks use. The dollar may travel around the world and it may even be the “reserve” currency of many nations, but it is like democracy. It only pays “lip service” to what is real. Now, for another “truth” none of the worlds currencies are worth anything. They are all based on DEBT. They are nothing more than ink on paper and the only reason they have any value is that you believe that they do. THEY DON’T….

The multinationals of the world are systematically raping our planet for profit. That profit goes to less than one percent of one percent of the worlds people. The “capitalist” system, (oh, even though China claims to be communist, they are now capitalists with a slave class. They are NO BETTER than the aristocracy that led the South before the Civil War. Believe it…) that has pervaded the world, is only capable of supporting forty-five percent of the worlds population. (Statistics are variable) Which leaves fifty-five percent of the worlds population out in the cold, so to speak. Which means that over half the worlds population lives on less than two dollars per day, while eighty percent of the worlds population lives on less than ten dollars per day. http://www.globalissues.org/article/26/poverty-facts-and-stats

Want to know a crazy, crazy, crazy truth??? If everyone in the world worked a forty hour week for a year and were paid only one dollar per hour. Then the world’s economy would be 780 times larger than the total economic output last year. Yes, 780 times larger. You cannot even write that like a normal number. When the world converts to my system, the worlds economy will be over 4000 times larger than the current world output per year. Consider that for a moment. The worlds total economic output last year (what they could calculate, not including “under the table” and “illegal”) was somewhere in the neighborhood of 14.3 trillion. (Which is about what the U.S. owes) So, this begs to question, why is the world’s manpower wasted? That has to be the only answer to “free markets” right? It couldn’t be the fact that “trickle down” is total b.s.

How, oh how can we change this? By becoming ONE, one world without borders, one world with ONE GOVERNMENT ruled by the PEOPLE, all of the PEOPLE, not like communists of old who were ruled by a few, but ruled by all. WHOA, NO BORDERS? NO NATIONS? ONE GOVERNMENT, WHAT THE HELL? Well, let’s look at it realistically, if we become one and decide that the U.N’s Declaration of Human Rights applies to everyone on the planet equally. And we decide to build a sustainable world where nothing is “DISPOSABLE”, then what need would anyone have to leave home other than to visit? Over the last fifteen years I have watched as the job I used to do go from being a twenty to twenty-five dollar an hour position to being a ten to twelve dollar position. Why? Because my government decided that they would allow Mexicans to cross the border (because they were under pressure for cheaper labor from the business community) and take jobs that we used to do. Now, don’t get me wrong. I do not blame any man from doing what he has to to support his family. The problem isn’t that they came here to work, it’s that there is two different systems determined by a line drawn on a map. If the world was one, no Mexican would want to live here. I love my homeland, will always live here, unless I have to move to support my family. Which means that if I was born in Mexico and had to move to the U.S. to support my family, I would walk through a desert and over your head to get a job! Does that make sense to anyone out there? We need ONE world with a WORLD WIDE WAGE based on resources. I am not going into the whole shebang, if you want to know how it will all work, then you have to read my book. I am just spilling out a little “truth” here today. It will either make you very, very, very angry or it will intrigue you into reading more. I hope it’s the latter.

OK….enough truth, how about a DARE? I dare you to read up on the facts! I dare you to watch TED talks along with every documentary on our dying world! I dare you to find out why there hasn’t been a decent green energy bill passed in congress ever! I dare you to ask why the “Tea Party” hides where it’s money really comes from and why! I dare you to find out who the Koch brothers are and why they are important. I dare you to find out what the intellectuals of the world will do to fix the worlds problems if we give them time enough? I dare you to find out just how close the oceans are to dying! I dare you to find out what a dead ocean will do to the rest of the food chain! I dare you to find out why a few well paid scientists have questioned global warming! I dare you to look at NASA’s map of how much rain forest has been cut down over the last ten years. I dare you to look at the pictures from space showing cities in the ocean that outshine the continents! I dare you to find out why those “floating cities” outshine the coasts! I dare you to find out why Obama couldn’t CHANGE ANYTHING! I dare you to find out why there wasn’t a “public option” in Obama’s healthcare bill? I dare you to find out why healthcare isn’t a right! I dare you to find out why no one can figure out how much tax is on a loaf of bread! I dare you to figure out a tough question for the I.R.S. and call and ask it of five different people while recording your five different answers! I dare you to take them on when your ignorance of the tax code isn’t a good enough excuse! I DARE YOU TO QUESTION ANYTHING!!! I dare you to read my book! I dare you to pass it along! Then I dare you to join your family together, then join your community together, then your country and finally your world! It’s the only way we can save what is left.

Oh, I have one last and scariest dare for you…. I DARE YOU TO DO NOTHING! Because if you don’t, then the whole world will burn. Any hope you had for your children will be gone. Any hope you have for humanity will be gone. Any hope will be gone. If we don’t start changing the world today (we have five years or less until it’s too late) then eventually the stress of dwindling resources will tear the world asunder. I sure as hell hope its a good year. LRGII

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Degraded Reef

Degraded Reef

This is just one dead reef. The first “Dead Zone” found in the ocean was in the late 1950’s. Today there are five hundred known “Dead Zones” the largest of which is larger than the state of NEW JERSEY. Not worried? Did you know that we are one event away from the food chain of the ocean going into complete collapse? Hope you sleep well tonight because recycling a couple of aluminum cans wont cut it at this point…..

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Who I am and why I am here…..to save the planet!

Who I am is the least important thing about what I am trying to accomplish, but because the “Zero to Hero” blog challenge has daily assignments, I will tell you about me. I was born in Cookeville, Tennessee on July 7th in the year of our Lord 1968. I am a builder, a salesman, a superintendent, a foreman, a estimator, a project manager, a field engineer, a author, a cartographer, a artist, a philosopher, and a political activist. 

As a builder I have built schools, prisons, courthouses, commercial, retail, industrial and residential buildings. Near the end of my construction career I took a crew and built log homes all over the eastern United States. I got more satisfaction out of building log homes than any other type of project. There is just something about being out in the woods building with your friends and co-workers. 

I was born to build, hence my email address buildermaker@live.com (feel free to send me an email) I started in construction at an early age, I was running heavy equipment at the age of eight. That’s right, bulldozers….my old man had the contract for a landfill so there wasn’t much chance of me destroying anything. He also had me helping him on projects as far back as I can remember. Crawling under houses to get one thing or another or crawling in a window to unlock a door. It was fun at the time, however since my old man was a plumber when I was young, I learned to hate it. I went on to become a Master Carpenter.

At the age of 16, I was building Conoco gas stations and making up to seven hundred dollars a week, it ruined me. That was part of the reason I dropped out after my junior year. (don’t worry, I got my GED and went to college for a while) I was making more than my teachers….however, once I quit, it took me ten years to make that kind of money again. At 18, I was made foreman over a sod crew, “Green side UP!” At 24, I was made a superintendent over a six million dollar project, believe it or not, I made my deadline and was ripped off. Never got my bonus. So, here’s a lesson for all you young people out there. If someone tells you that they will pay you shit for a year, but if you meet a certain goal they will give you a bonus. It’s B.S. always go for the cash upfront, tell them to pay you now and keep their bonus. Do you have any idea of how many people get screwed that way? Anyway, by 28 I was running a construction company with forty employees….oh, my, God…. I never slept, I was frazzled and worried all of the time. It is better to work with a couple of guys and do what you can rather than go for the big deal. There were weeks when after all my guys (and secretaries) were paid, I would go home with nothing. O.k, there were times when I got to pocket a few grand. 

I won’t go into how my construction company went down because it’s just not any of your business. I will say that it wasn’t due to me. I went on to meet the love of my life on January 12th 1996. My girl and I have been together 18 years (or it will be in 10 days) She is a half Italian, half American and all YANKEE…that’s right, she is from Laconia, New Hampshire. How in the hell did some rough redneck end up with a yankee? Well, that’s a long story. In the ensuing years, I went on to become a log home builder while she went to college. Yes, she has a degree and I don’t. It doesn’t bother me in the slightest, when I was in college, I was smarter than almost all of my teachers. That’s not a boast, it’s just true. 

Anyway, the world fell apart after 2008. Construction went to hell and no one wanted a second home. (Most log homes are second or third homes for rich people) (Also, get your money up front when dealing with rich people, they were all voted most likely to rip you off.) I went on to do odd and end work building industrial metal buildings and churches etc until I finally landed at a large plastics factory where I rebuilt or remodeled the building. (it is really old, as old as me….damn that’s old)

That didn’t end well, so I dropped out of the workforce. I decided to retire. More like semi-retired as I still build, but only small projects etc. What I do now is write, make maps and in the mean time I try to change the world. I got Netflix a few years back and anyone who has it knows that there are tons of documentaries on there. I started watching them and started to grasp what a world of shit we are all in. (it wasn’t like I had my head in the sand before that, I was just too wrapped up in the capitalist lifestyle to care) What I noticed was that all of the news, the papers, the scientists and the documentaries didn’t have was an answer to all of our problems.

I spent about two years coming up with the answers to all of the problems that face mankind today. Yes, all of the answers. At first, I didn’t think that the people of the world were worth saving, so I asked everyone I knew until I was convinced to give you all a chance. (I know that I come off as really arrogant, but someone has to find a way to save us) I went on to write a book which everyone seems to “LIKE” but few have actually read. The title might be the big turn off for people, “Singlism An Intelligent Answer to the Singularity that Is” Which is true, but it probably would have attracted more attention if I had titled it “Last Chance to Save the Planet” But I didn’t.

My book actually has a blueprint to save us all, along with the environment and the remaining species. When I say, “Last Chance to Save the Planet” it is slightly out of context, as the planet will go on without us. What I really mean is that this is our last chance to save our species along with all of the others. Which brings us to why I am here. We are leaning over the precipice, species are dying out faster than in any other time in history. Fresh water is disappearing at an alarming rate. The oceans are a huge septic tank and fish stocks have dwindled to the point that a single tuna can sell for a hundred grand. We are raping our planet and in return nature is trying to find a balance. It will always find a balance. We have tilted the balance so far with our medicines and our technology that it will be catastrophic when the balance is returned. On the path that we are currently on, it will happen soon. In fact, I say that we have five years or less to turn it around before it all goes south. I also predict that the worlds economy will take a huge dive or crash all together around September of 2015….hope I am wrong.

Here’s the thing, we can return the balance and save all of mankind along with all of the other remaining species if we start to change now. How do we do that? Well, for the answer to that, read my book, it’s on Amazon.com and on Createspace.com. Yesterday I said that I would discuss how to change our political systems. However, I am supporting the “Zero to Hero Blog Challenge” right now, so if one of their assignments allows me to touch on that subject, I will. Otherwise, you will have to read my book. So, I think that covers it. I am trying to change everything. Our government, our cities, our transportation, our energy systems….everything. So really it doesn’t make one bit of difference who I am, it makes a difference in what we all do…..

Thank you for reading, have a great day…..LRGII

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Last Chance…

January 1st 2014…So many parties last night….I wasn’t at one. I was glad to see all the world celebrating another year closer to the demise of all life on earth. The news today declared that global temps will rise by four degrees by 2100. Let me be the first to say, “If we continue on the current path, no one will be alive to see 2100!” Really? you say! Yes, think for one moment of all the documentaries, the scientific papers along with innumerable news reports telling us of one drastic catastrophe after another. Either one that has just happened, or one that will happen.

Peak oil has come and gone, India and China both are putting cars on the road so fast that they will help to consume the remaining oil supplies in record time. There are seven BILLION of us on the planet. Fresh drinking water is almost gone. (if you live in the U.S. it’s hard to swallow that statement, but it’s true)  The oceans have become one large septic tank covered in a fine layer of plastic. Fish stocks around the world have plummeted to unsustainable levels. And what do the people of the world do? They party. The consume more and more crap, because that’s how it’s always been. When asked to consider the starving, the destitute, the enslaved or even the plights of their own people, what do they do? They form little foundations and raise cash by throwing even more parties. Like drinking out of plastic cups and eating rubber chicken will help anything.

Documentary after documentary points out the problems facing us today, how many offer a solution? Greenpeace attacks fishing vessels with stink bombs, really helpful. I am sure there is a stinky fisherman out there somewhere who will never fish again! The other large environmental organizations are even worse. Go to their sites, I will wait……… look for somewhere you can contact them! Find anything? How about a “Legacy Donor” address where they can reach you faster if you promise to put them in your will! Anything else? How about that link where you can donate stocks? Stocks? Really? Aren’t they against the large scale industrial rape of our planet? Hippocrates all!!! Yes, that’s right you fucking hemp wearing bastards…smoke up while the world burns… Don’t forget to cash in that stock certificate!

Oh, and the rest of you, what do you do? Recycle? Really, you save a few cans and a couple of cereal boxes so that makes you an environmentalist? For a long time now I didn’t believe the people of the world were worth saving. I asked everyone I knew (well, liked) and my mother came up with the best answer. She said that, “There are some really good people out there, I have to believe they are worth saving or I couldn’t go on! Especially our family, don’t they deserve saving!” Well, I may have misquoted one word or another, but that was the jist of it. So, I decided to try and save you all. 

It’s something I have been considering for years. How to do it. You cannot go about it peace-meal by trying to stop Shell from drilling here and saving a species of sand flea there. You have to go right to the top and change the system. Change the system? Yes, change the system. We have tried every form of government that man can conceive of, except one. Really? What would that be? Singlism….It’s just a word I cobbled together to represent the “singularity of humanity.” We have to become one. Throw away the nation states of the world, throw away the U.N. throw away the communists, the socialists, the capitalists….Yes, throw them all away. 

By dividing our world into nation states, by drawing lines on our planet only serves to separate us. It divides us and our loyalties. From birth we have all been conditioned to wave one flag or the other. Now don’t get me wrong, I love the land that I live on. I love the people of that land. However, I will take family over a flag any day. And here’s where it starts, we are all ONE FAMILY…. I can prove that statement if you like. But I wont…not now. If you really want to save your children’s children, if you really want to save our planet, then read my book. Singlism An Intelligent Answer to the Singularity that Is. It’s on Amazon. If I could give it away free to everyone on the planet, I would. In fact, I want you to share it. Why? Because I cannot save us alone. We have to do it together. In fact, I am not important at all, I am just trying to get the world to see that there is a solution to EVERY problem that faces us today. EVERY PROBLEM, I can prove that too….

If you have read anything I have written lately, you might know that I started a campaign on Indiegogo, under the political pages. Of course it’s labeled “Last Chance to Save the Planet.” It has the distinction of having the largest goal ever on Indiegogo, 1 billion dollars. It would have been 14 trillion if they would have let me. But that is beside the point. I DON’T CARE ABOUT MONEY….money in our world is nothing more than debt. I can prove that too. My point is, I set up that campaign to get your attention. I have to sell my book because it was the only way to get it published. If by some miracle I make a dollar or two, or someone actually donates in order to save our world, I will use the money for just that purpose. Anyway, I will be back to rant tomorrow. Oh, something you might find interesting. One of the first people to comment on what I am trying to do, started off by slandering me… no good deed goes unpunished… tomorrow we will talk more about Singlism and what type of government that is and should/will be…

Until then LRGII (42)

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