Last Chance…

January 1st 2014…So many parties last night….I wasn’t at one. I was glad to see all the world celebrating another year closer to the demise of all life on earth. The news today declared that global temps will rise by four degrees by 2100. Let me be the first to say, “If we continue on the current path, no one will be alive to see 2100!” Really? you say! Yes, think for one moment of all the documentaries, the scientific papers along with innumerable news reports telling us of one drastic catastrophe after another. Either one that has just happened, or one that will happen.

Peak oil has come and gone, India and China both are putting cars on the road so fast that they will help to consume the remaining oil supplies in record time. There are seven BILLION of us on the planet. Fresh drinking water is almost gone. (if you live in the U.S. it’s hard to swallow that statement, but it’s true)  The oceans have become one large septic tank covered in a fine layer of plastic. Fish stocks around the world have plummeted to unsustainable levels. And what do the people of the world do? They party. The consume more and more crap, because that’s how it’s always been. When asked to consider the starving, the destitute, the enslaved or even the plights of their own people, what do they do? They form little foundations and raise cash by throwing even more parties. Like drinking out of plastic cups and eating rubber chicken will help anything.

Documentary after documentary points out the problems facing us today, how many offer a solution? Greenpeace attacks fishing vessels with stink bombs, really helpful. I am sure there is a stinky fisherman out there somewhere who will never fish again! The other large environmental organizations are even worse. Go to their sites, I will wait……… look for somewhere you can contact them! Find anything? How about a “Legacy Donor” address where they can reach you faster if you promise to put them in your will! Anything else? How about that link where you can donate stocks? Stocks? Really? Aren’t they against the large scale industrial rape of our planet? Hippocrates all!!! Yes, that’s right you fucking hemp wearing bastards…smoke up while the world burns… Don’t forget to cash in that stock certificate!

Oh, and the rest of you, what do you do? Recycle? Really, you save a few cans and a couple of cereal boxes so that makes you an environmentalist? For a long time now I didn’t believe the people of the world were worth saving. I asked everyone I knew (well, liked) and my mother came up with the best answer. She said that, “There are some really good people out there, I have to believe they are worth saving or I couldn’t go on! Especially our family, don’t they deserve saving!” Well, I may have misquoted one word or another, but that was the jist of it. So, I decided to try and save you all. 

It’s something I have been considering for years. How to do it. You cannot go about it peace-meal by trying to stop Shell from drilling here and saving a species of sand flea there. You have to go right to the top and change the system. Change the system? Yes, change the system. We have tried every form of government that man can conceive of, except one. Really? What would that be? Singlism….It’s just a word I cobbled together to represent the “singularity of humanity.” We have to become one. Throw away the nation states of the world, throw away the U.N. throw away the communists, the socialists, the capitalists….Yes, throw them all away. 

By dividing our world into nation states, by drawing lines on our planet only serves to separate us. It divides us and our loyalties. From birth we have all been conditioned to wave one flag or the other. Now don’t get me wrong, I love the land that I live on. I love the people of that land. However, I will take family over a flag any day. And here’s where it starts, we are all ONE FAMILY…. I can prove that statement if you like. But I wont…not now. If you really want to save your children’s children, if you really want to save our planet, then read my book. Singlism An Intelligent Answer to the Singularity that Is. It’s on Amazon. If I could give it away free to everyone on the planet, I would. In fact, I want you to share it. Why? Because I cannot save us alone. We have to do it together. In fact, I am not important at all, I am just trying to get the world to see that there is a solution to EVERY problem that faces us today. EVERY PROBLEM, I can prove that too….

If you have read anything I have written lately, you might know that I started a campaign on Indiegogo, under the political pages. Of course it’s labeled “Last Chance to Save the Planet.” It has the distinction of having the largest goal ever on Indiegogo, 1 billion dollars. It would have been 14 trillion if they would have let me. But that is beside the point. I DON’T CARE ABOUT MONEY….money in our world is nothing more than debt. I can prove that too. My point is, I set up that campaign to get your attention. I have to sell my book because it was the only way to get it published. If by some miracle I make a dollar or two, or someone actually donates in order to save our world, I will use the money for just that purpose. Anyway, I will be back to rant tomorrow. Oh, something you might find interesting. One of the first people to comment on what I am trying to do, started off by slandering me… no good deed goes unpunished… tomorrow we will talk more about Singlism and what type of government that is and should/will be…

Until then LRGII (42)

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