Who I am and why I am here…..to save the planet!

Who I am is the least important thing about what I am trying to accomplish, but because the “Zero to Hero” blog challenge has daily assignments, I will tell you about me. I was born in Cookeville, Tennessee on July 7th in the year of our Lord 1968. I am a builder, a salesman, a superintendent, a foreman, a estimator, a project manager, a field engineer, a author, a cartographer, a artist, a philosopher, and a political activist. 

As a builder I have built schools, prisons, courthouses, commercial, retail, industrial and residential buildings. Near the end of my construction career I took a crew and built log homes all over the eastern United States. I got more satisfaction out of building log homes than any other type of project. There is just something about being out in the woods building with your friends and co-workers. 

I was born to build, hence my email address buildermaker@live.com (feel free to send me an email) I started in construction at an early age, I was running heavy equipment at the age of eight. That’s right, bulldozers….my old man had the contract for a landfill so there wasn’t much chance of me destroying anything. He also had me helping him on projects as far back as I can remember. Crawling under houses to get one thing or another or crawling in a window to unlock a door. It was fun at the time, however since my old man was a plumber when I was young, I learned to hate it. I went on to become a Master Carpenter.

At the age of 16, I was building Conoco gas stations and making up to seven hundred dollars a week, it ruined me. That was part of the reason I dropped out after my junior year. (don’t worry, I got my GED and went to college for a while) I was making more than my teachers….however, once I quit, it took me ten years to make that kind of money again. At 18, I was made foreman over a sod crew, “Green side UP!” At 24, I was made a superintendent over a six million dollar project, believe it or not, I made my deadline and was ripped off. Never got my bonus. So, here’s a lesson for all you young people out there. If someone tells you that they will pay you shit for a year, but if you meet a certain goal they will give you a bonus. It’s B.S. always go for the cash upfront, tell them to pay you now and keep their bonus. Do you have any idea of how many people get screwed that way? Anyway, by 28 I was running a construction company with forty employees….oh, my, God…. I never slept, I was frazzled and worried all of the time. It is better to work with a couple of guys and do what you can rather than go for the big deal. There were weeks when after all my guys (and secretaries) were paid, I would go home with nothing. O.k, there were times when I got to pocket a few grand. 

I won’t go into how my construction company went down because it’s just not any of your business. I will say that it wasn’t due to me. I went on to meet the love of my life on January 12th 1996. My girl and I have been together 18 years (or it will be in 10 days) She is a half Italian, half American and all YANKEE…that’s right, she is from Laconia, New Hampshire. How in the hell did some rough redneck end up with a yankee? Well, that’s a long story. In the ensuing years, I went on to become a log home builder while she went to college. Yes, she has a degree and I don’t. It doesn’t bother me in the slightest, when I was in college, I was smarter than almost all of my teachers. That’s not a boast, it’s just true. 

Anyway, the world fell apart after 2008. Construction went to hell and no one wanted a second home. (Most log homes are second or third homes for rich people) (Also, get your money up front when dealing with rich people, they were all voted most likely to rip you off.) I went on to do odd and end work building industrial metal buildings and churches etc until I finally landed at a large plastics factory where I rebuilt or remodeled the building. (it is really old, as old as me….damn that’s old)

That didn’t end well, so I dropped out of the workforce. I decided to retire. More like semi-retired as I still build, but only small projects etc. What I do now is write, make maps and in the mean time I try to change the world. I got Netflix a few years back and anyone who has it knows that there are tons of documentaries on there. I started watching them and started to grasp what a world of shit we are all in. (it wasn’t like I had my head in the sand before that, I was just too wrapped up in the capitalist lifestyle to care) What I noticed was that all of the news, the papers, the scientists and the documentaries didn’t have was an answer to all of our problems.

I spent about two years coming up with the answers to all of the problems that face mankind today. Yes, all of the answers. At first, I didn’t think that the people of the world were worth saving, so I asked everyone I knew until I was convinced to give you all a chance. (I know that I come off as really arrogant, but someone has to find a way to save us) I went on to write a book which everyone seems to “LIKE” but few have actually read. The title might be the big turn off for people, “Singlism An Intelligent Answer to the Singularity that Is” Which is true, but it probably would have attracted more attention if I had titled it “Last Chance to Save the Planet” But I didn’t.

My book actually has a blueprint to save us all, along with the environment and the remaining species. When I say, “Last Chance to Save the Planet” it is slightly out of context, as the planet will go on without us. What I really mean is that this is our last chance to save our species along with all of the others. Which brings us to why I am here. We are leaning over the precipice, species are dying out faster than in any other time in history. Fresh water is disappearing at an alarming rate. The oceans are a huge septic tank and fish stocks have dwindled to the point that a single tuna can sell for a hundred grand. We are raping our planet and in return nature is trying to find a balance. It will always find a balance. We have tilted the balance so far with our medicines and our technology that it will be catastrophic when the balance is returned. On the path that we are currently on, it will happen soon. In fact, I say that we have five years or less to turn it around before it all goes south. I also predict that the worlds economy will take a huge dive or crash all together around September of 2015….hope I am wrong.

Here’s the thing, we can return the balance and save all of mankind along with all of the other remaining species if we start to change now. How do we do that? Well, for the answer to that, read my book, it’s on Amazon.com and on Createspace.com. Yesterday I said that I would discuss how to change our political systems. However, I am supporting the “Zero to Hero Blog Challenge” right now, so if one of their assignments allows me to touch on that subject, I will. Otherwise, you will have to read my book. So, I think that covers it. I am trying to change everything. Our government, our cities, our transportation, our energy systems….everything. So really it doesn’t make one bit of difference who I am, it makes a difference in what we all do…..

Thank you for reading, have a great day…..LRGII

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