Truth or Dare? Today’s assignment was a bi tc h….so I am on to the prompt

First let me say….screw a bunch of widgets or whatever you call them, I messed with them for almost two hours before I decided that they JUST WERE NOT WORTH MY TIME!!! Why? Well, I have set one hell of a goal for myself. To save the environment and everything that lives in it. Impossible? Probably. Which is a hell of a lot more important than having a “pretty” page….I really don’t think anyone cares, about the page or the world. Oh, they say that they care, but when push comes to shove, they sit down and watch television. Don’t they? Hey, your included in that group….So, let’s get on with today’s prompt since I said to hell with widgets.

Truth or dare is it? Here’s the truth. The political systems of the world have combined to form one large world government. O.k. there are squabbles between nations, but if you think that the world is divided, then you don’t know how the world works. Governments no longer control the world, multinational corporations do. In the case of China, (which owns 50% of every “company” that does business there) they have just a little more control than other countries. Whoa, wait a minute! What do you mean that China owns half of every company that does business there? Well, it’s true! Take Apple for example, they “sub-contract” to Foxcon or whatever their name is. Foxcon is half owned by someone,(probably Apple executives, don’t know that for sure….just guessing) the other half is owned by the Chinese government. If General Electric wants to build refrigerators in China, they have to set up a third party company with a name like, “GEChinafridge Company LLC”  Once that company is set up to build fridges, China’s government gets fifty percent of that company. So, every time you buy some cheap piece of “whatever” that’s made in China, the Chinese Communist Party makes a profit….Hurrah for Wally World! The “new” China is built on your toaster oven…aren’t you proud? My point is that for every corporation there is a board. Now that board may consist of a dozen or more people, but each person on that board belongs to several other boards. If you diagram these “boards” on to a flowchart, you soon find that all multinationals are owned by a small group of people. They truly control the world…..For those of you who would call me a “conspiracy theorist” I say one thing….READ SOMETHING AND QUIT LISTENING TO YOUR GOVERNMENT AND MASS MEDIA

Let’s continue with this “Truth” thing…. Multinational global giants are the backbone of the world’s economy. The worlds economies support the world’s governments. Oh, think that there isn’t a one world currency? That’s where you would be wrong again, there is a “basket” of currencies made up of dollars, pounds, yen, rubles, yaun and the euro. It may or may not have other currencies in the “basket” but it is the “currency” that the worlds banks use. The dollar may travel around the world and it may even be the “reserve” currency of many nations, but it is like democracy. It only pays “lip service” to what is real. Now, for another “truth” none of the worlds currencies are worth anything. They are all based on DEBT. They are nothing more than ink on paper and the only reason they have any value is that you believe that they do. THEY DON’T….

The multinationals of the world are systematically raping our planet for profit. That profit goes to less than one percent of one percent of the worlds people. The “capitalist” system, (oh, even though China claims to be communist, they are now capitalists with a slave class. They are NO BETTER than the aristocracy that led the South before the Civil War. Believe it…) that has pervaded the world, is only capable of supporting forty-five percent of the worlds population. (Statistics are variable) Which leaves fifty-five percent of the worlds population out in the cold, so to speak. Which means that over half the worlds population lives on less than two dollars per day, while eighty percent of the worlds population lives on less than ten dollars per day.

Want to know a crazy, crazy, crazy truth??? If everyone in the world worked a forty hour week for a year and were paid only one dollar per hour. Then the world’s economy would be 780 times larger than the total economic output last year. Yes, 780 times larger. You cannot even write that like a normal number. When the world converts to my system, the worlds economy will be over 4000 times larger than the current world output per year. Consider that for a moment. The worlds total economic output last year (what they could calculate, not including “under the table” and “illegal”) was somewhere in the neighborhood of 14.3 trillion. (Which is about what the U.S. owes) So, this begs to question, why is the world’s manpower wasted? That has to be the only answer to “free markets” right? It couldn’t be the fact that “trickle down” is total b.s.

How, oh how can we change this? By becoming ONE, one world without borders, one world with ONE GOVERNMENT ruled by the PEOPLE, all of the PEOPLE, not like communists of old who were ruled by a few, but ruled by all. WHOA, NO BORDERS? NO NATIONS? ONE GOVERNMENT, WHAT THE HELL? Well, let’s look at it realistically, if we become one and decide that the U.N’s Declaration of Human Rights applies to everyone on the planet equally. And we decide to build a sustainable world where nothing is “DISPOSABLE”, then what need would anyone have to leave home other than to visit? Over the last fifteen years I have watched as the job I used to do go from being a twenty to twenty-five dollar an hour position to being a ten to twelve dollar position. Why? Because my government decided that they would allow Mexicans to cross the border (because they were under pressure for cheaper labor from the business community) and take jobs that we used to do. Now, don’t get me wrong. I do not blame any man from doing what he has to to support his family. The problem isn’t that they came here to work, it’s that there is two different systems determined by a line drawn on a map. If the world was one, no Mexican would want to live here. I love my homeland, will always live here, unless I have to move to support my family. Which means that if I was born in Mexico and had to move to the U.S. to support my family, I would walk through a desert and over your head to get a job! Does that make sense to anyone out there? We need ONE world with a WORLD WIDE WAGE based on resources. I am not going into the whole shebang, if you want to know how it will all work, then you have to read my book. I am just spilling out a little “truth” here today. It will either make you very, very, very angry or it will intrigue you into reading more. I hope it’s the latter.

OK….enough truth, how about a DARE? I dare you to read up on the facts! I dare you to watch TED talks along with every documentary on our dying world! I dare you to find out why there hasn’t been a decent green energy bill passed in congress ever! I dare you to ask why the “Tea Party” hides where it’s money really comes from and why! I dare you to find out who the Koch brothers are and why they are important. I dare you to find out what the intellectuals of the world will do to fix the worlds problems if we give them time enough? I dare you to find out just how close the oceans are to dying! I dare you to find out what a dead ocean will do to the rest of the food chain! I dare you to find out why a few well paid scientists have questioned global warming! I dare you to look at NASA’s map of how much rain forest has been cut down over the last ten years. I dare you to look at the pictures from space showing cities in the ocean that outshine the continents! I dare you to find out why those “floating cities” outshine the coasts! I dare you to find out why Obama couldn’t CHANGE ANYTHING! I dare you to find out why there wasn’t a “public option” in Obama’s healthcare bill? I dare you to find out why healthcare isn’t a right! I dare you to find out why no one can figure out how much tax is on a loaf of bread! I dare you to figure out a tough question for the I.R.S. and call and ask it of five different people while recording your five different answers! I dare you to take them on when your ignorance of the tax code isn’t a good enough excuse! I DARE YOU TO QUESTION ANYTHING!!! I dare you to read my book! I dare you to pass it along! Then I dare you to join your family together, then join your community together, then your country and finally your world! It’s the only way we can save what is left.

Oh, I have one last and scariest dare for you…. I DARE YOU TO DO NOTHING! Because if you don’t, then the whole world will burn. Any hope you had for your children will be gone. Any hope you have for humanity will be gone. Any hope will be gone. If we don’t start changing the world today (we have five years or less until it’s too late) then eventually the stress of dwindling resources will tear the world asunder. I sure as hell hope its a good year. LRGII

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