What a waste….watched “Thrive” the movie, plus more stuff

Spent the evening, as always, trying to bring more awareness to our dying planet. , I looked over the “zero to hero” thing and explored a few blogs where I found a link to a movie, “Thrive” which is supposed to have the answers to the all of our problems.  I wasted two some odd hours watching it. Not saying that it doesn’t have some value, just that I didn’t see it. It starts out explaining a shape and how that shape has been engraved or left all over the world by ancient civilizations who knew about “free energy and cosmic perspective.” It goes on to show how modern crop circles are manifestations of the same “shape.” Then it continued to explain how everything you ever thought or knew was/is related to this shape. Ok, so it’s a little flaky I thought! I decide to give it a chance anyway….so I kept watching.

It then went on to explain “free energy” and I got to say, I didn’t get how his “shape” was related to what other people had actually made. Not to say that he hasn’t found some good ideas from physicists around the world, because he has. I can’t say how beneficial any of those systems were because there is nothing technical in the film, but I am sure that there was something of value in it. The weird part was how his “shape” ruled the laws of free energy. Seemed to me that iron filings on a sheet of paper over a magnet has been noticed before. Then the movie went on to express how “aliens” were visiting earth and how they taught our forefathers all of this, and that is where it lost me, because I don’t really know what that had to do with changing/saving the planet. Other than trying to impress on the audience how the government can suppress anything it likes and can get away with it. Now, I am not saying that aliens haven’t visited Earth, I just don’t think that there is any credible evidence. If they are visiting Earth, then I don’t know how anyone could cover that up. An alien species capable of visiting us, would by definition be more advanced, and if they are more advanced, then no government on this planet could possibly suppress them. Alright, I am off topic, but so was the movie.

The movie then went on to tell it’s audience everything that is wrong with the planet, specifically in the United States. It went into how the Federal Reserve is private and how all money is debt. How corporations and banks are our real rulers. How our money could be used better if it wasn’t taxed and re-taxed etc etc…. Which I talk about in my book as well except I offer realistic answers. Anyway, this movie just went on and on without offering any useful answers until the end. And even then, they were not useful answers. Oh, they had a few things right. Like honoring the human rights of all people. How we incarcerate too many of our citizens (I think that was in there….watch a lot of crap trying to find useful information)

So, the end game of this movie was basically non-violent disobedience. Put your money in local banks….really, that will help. Hell, I wish I had known that years ago. Anyway, every solution in the movie was based on working within the system we already have. It’s unrealistic, not to mention the whole movie came off as new age. It might attract a few hippie followers, but really, no one will take it serious, at least know one with any intelligence. I hate to pick on the guy, he worked so hard on the whole thing and God only knows how much money he spent to produce it. He has a whole movement based around it, much like I am trying to do. And get this, he probably thinks that my answers are b.s. as well. Except he has probably never heard of me….so I guess he has a leg up there… with that said, realistically you cannot break the Fed or the multinationals working within the system they spent centuries building. We have to start fresh….on every level.

How do we do that! For that, you will have to read my book, but I will give you some of the basics. First we redefine capital. Capital can only be produced by the application of human effort multiplied by thought and resources. That’s it. Capital cannot be pulled out of a magical hat by an unseen hand. (Read economic theory to understand that last sentence) Our current system is based on just that, slight of an unseen hand. Second, we no longer recognize “magical” capital, that’s what “currency” is. Third, we develop a true money that has value based on resources and human capitol. Fourth, we use our new gained capitol to take away everything that has been stolen from the people of the planet. Which means that if you have leveraged invisible capitol to create more capitol in order to enrich yourself, we take it all away. Oh, I forgot to mention that we combine ourselves into ONE, one world, one people, one government. I know that scares the hell out of you, but you have been programmed from birth to fear it. Why do you think that is? So that you can be controlled by a few people.

We have to break the cycle of control. How are we controlled? Well, first you have been programmed to “want” not to need. We have to go back to a needs based world. Why? Want is the underlying systemic problem that is destroying our planet. That doesn’t mean that you cannot have a big screen, it just means that when you get one it will be built to last for thirty years instead of four. Remember how we used to make fun of the Soviets because the over designed everything they built. That was because they were building for true economy. The system of money movement that we have in the U.S. which is called an economy is a ****ing joke. There is nothing economic about it. It is a system that relies on planned obsolescence. My grandmother had a washer/dryer that lasted twenty years, in the last twenty years I have had to replace mine five times. I don’t have the energy right now to explain any more of this…I digress.

How do we do that, continued. We outnumber our “rulers” by seven billion to five hundred, more or less. We just refuse to live in their world and insist that they live in ours. Sounds harder than it really is. If the “March on Wall Street” had had a clue about what they should have wanted, then the whole world would have joined them. When asked what they wanted, they went………uh….uh….uh. Great leadership there junior, get a haircut and someone might act like they take you seriously. Anyway, I have ranted and raved enough tonight, cannot help it. I talked to this jackass of a producer/director named Ken Klein earlier about turning my book into a movie, he really pissed me off.

Goodnight, if you did nothing today to help save us…..sleep well….LRGII

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